All Children Are Musical!


Experience 45 minute classes of interactive singing, movement, dancing, and joy with your child in a rich vibrant world music curriculum.  Each semester runs 8-10 weeks and allows families to take home beautifully recorded music with an accompanying songbook of fun ideas to use at home.  Music Together® nurtures children's innate musical ability and allows you to connect, bond, and share in a fun environment.  Unplug from your electronics, and plug into the full potential of your child by trying a free class today! 


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Summer Registration Now Open

Escape the heat with a musical beat!  Come visit a free class to experience the dancing, singing, moving joy that can only come from a Music Together class for yourself!  

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Check out the Family Music Zone!

Check out the Family Music Zone for info. on how to download music onto your "Hello Everybody" App, songbook coloring pages, videos, and more!

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